Saturday, October 02, 2004

This is an interesting idea, though if the law is adopted and the President is the one who appoints the ombudsman, then this will just turn into another tactic to calm the discontent population who are sick and tired of corruption. I think the ombudsman should be elected by the people.


Azat Artsakh - Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)
01 Oct 04

The chairman of the parliament committee of foreign relations and information Vahram Atanessian undertook the bill `On the protector of human rights' which was included in the schedule of the ninth session of the NKR National Assembly. The bill may be discussed in October. If the law is adopted, for the first time in our country an ombudsman will be appointed whose only responsibility will be to protect people's rights. The notion of ombudsman first appeared in Sweden. In the second half of the 20th century most countries of the world already had the institution of the protector of human rights. Usually the ombudsman is appointed by the parliament although in some countries the president also takes part in this, but originally this is a parliamentary form of protection of human rights. The ombudsman's decisions, as a rule, do not have force of law, however, being included in the report of the ombudsman with a negative shade is a blow to the carrier of any official. It is notable that the protector of human rights views the actions not only from the point of view of correspondence to the law but also to justice and appropriateness. As a rule the person who is known in public as frank, respectable, able to work independently is appointed as ombudsman. Who will be ombudsman in Karabakh after the adoption of the law is not discussed yet. Perhaps it will be discussed along with the law.


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