Sunday, October 31, 2004

I just sent off this message. Let's see if I get an answer?

Date:Sun, 31 Oct 2004 08:47:32 -0800 (PST)
From:"Ara Manoogian"
Subject: A message for Vartan Oskanian...

Dear Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Armenia,

I am writing to share my concern about the possible deployment of "humanitarian" workers from Armenia to Iraq.

I am an Armenian-American living in Artsakh, who has relatives living in Iraq. I oppose the deployment of any Armenian troops, even those that will be used in non-combat duties, no matter how "humanitarian."

Iraqis, including Armenian-Iraqis, do not welcome the Armenian troops. The presence of these troops will further compromise the security of the 25,000 Armenians in Iraq. Indeed, the deployment of Armenian troops in Iraq may well result in abductions, mass expulsions, and further bloodshed.

Muslim religious leaders, including leaders sympathetic to the Iraqi resistance, have strongly condemned the attacks against Iraqi Christians. Nevertheless, under the conditions of occupation, even a tiny minority of fanatics can inflict great damage. As I write to you, my television is on. CNN is reporting on a Japanese hostage that they have just found beheaded, after the Japanese government refused to comply with the hostage takers demand to pull out their troops.

The resistance to occupation is growing, and anger at the occupiers is rising. "Coalition Partners" are desperate to get OUT of Iraq. Under these circumstances, why would the Republic of Armenia wish to hurl itself INTO the occupation?

One more question for you, sir: What would the Armenian government do if my cousin were taken hostage and you were asked to pull out our troops? If my cousin is killed because of a bad decision by the Armenian Government, who will be answering to me and my family for this blunder? Be assured that if the deployment takes place, and if Armenians are attacked in Iraq as a result of it, we will not permit you to deflect the blame away from yourself.

I ask that you do the right thing. Please take a public position opposing this deployment to Iraq.


Ara Manoogian
Artsakh, Martuni

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