Thursday, October 14, 2004

I was just reading on Groong that the Prime Minister of Artsakh is in the US, touring to raise funds and prepare of the annual telethon.

Yes folks, once again, the Artsakh government is out begging for money for the construction of the North-South highway and my conversation with Era the other day about the military pension she gets for her husband loosing his life in the war and it being short by 2,500 dram is now making sense to me.

If you remember last year at the end of November, I commented on the report that 55,000 people from Karabagh had made donations and stated “More like 54,998 Karabakhis were forced to partake in the fund raising, having their unwilling donation automatically deducted from their already meager salary that undoubtedly will end up in the pockets of some corrupt officials. From the results of the telethon, the 99% of Diaspora Armenians that didn’t partake understood this. What a joke.”

So if my hunch is right, Era, who from my log you can see is already discontent with her treatment from our government, my have been piled in the group of natives that the government will claim willing gave to the telethon, in hopes that the naïve Diaspora will be conned to willingly give too since the people here “believe in this cause”.

Since I spoke of my missing about talking of the weather here, it is noteworthy to report that in the last 24 hours, the temperature dropped 9 degrees and it is now raining. I love it when it rains and I’m inside all cozy in my bed with the electric heating bad turned up.

I would also like to report that I have a mouse that is living in my ceiling, which is worse than the old woman who lived above me when I had an apartment in Glendale. The old woman was an insomniac and so is this mouse, who seems to run around all night like the old woman. On top of this, this mouse is crying out right now, as if it is giving. Tomorrow, I’ll leave for it some nice tasty wheat, which should put an end to all this noise it is making.

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