Sunday, October 10, 2004

Tonight I went to Rosa Myrig and Hurant’s house for dinner. I just love them dearly. They are such nice and down to earth people.

Rosa Myrig gave me my birthday gift of a pair of socks, an undershirt and a Russian made hazelnut chocolate bar (YUM).

Tonight during dinner, we talked about pensions and the cost of living these days. Rosa Myrig said that if it was not for their sponsor (one of our readers), they would be in very bad shape. They not only have their basic living expenses, but they also help out their grandchildren, one of whom is a university student. Rosa Myrig said that if they didn’t have a sponsor, she would still have found a way to pay her grandson’s tuition, even if that meant they had to live in poverty.

We then began to wonder how everyone else is surviving, after I said that it was impossible for someone to survive off of $50 a month for food in Yerevan. Rosa Myrig said no one could survive off of $50, even in Martuni. Things have gotten very expensive here too.

As we were talking, the television began to broadcast the Chaney/Edwards debate, translated in Armenian. We only watched a few minutes of it and I could not watch any more. I remembered the second Bush/Kerry debate (which I didn’t bother viewing, but did read the transcript yesterday), which Bush said:

“I believe Palestinians ought to have a state, but I know they need leadership that's committed to a democracy and freedom, leadership that would be willing to reject terrorism.”


“And the reason I'm worried is because there's a vicious enemy that has an ideology of hate.

And the way to defeat them long-term, by the way, is to spread freedom.

Liberty can change habits. And that's what's happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. “

I too am worried. I’m worried because America is trying to preach what liberty, democracy, leadership and freedom is.

What Bush said for me translates into America is going to entice the rest of the world with ideas and a way of life that they don’t have (this is a part of US military Low Intensity Conflict), and those persons that have been enticed, are encouraged to demand from their governments that life which is not only contrary to their culture, but which can not be provided due to a lack of resources. On top of this, they provide big dollars to those leaders that play along with what America wants to do and in the end, as it has happened in Armenia, we begin to loose our culture, destroy of infrastructure and in the end, cause irreversible damage to our people. We have done this and we can thank ourselves for being so naïve and blind, playing right into it.

In short, America’s job is to play with peoples emotions, manipulate them and disrupt any balance they may have had, or were heading towards, giving America a chance to also capture any material wealth (in Armenia’s case, brain power) that those countries may have to benefit their parasite citizens.

Yea, Iraq had its problem and maybe Sadam suppressed his ethnic minorities who were demanding more than he could give them, but remember, it was America that financed Sadam to fight against Iran, and it was America that gave Sadam the green light to invade Kuwait. From the people I know who were living in Iraq, they didn’t have a problem with Sadam and were living a very stable life.

The Iraq war was not about human rights. That was America playing on the emotions of the Western world to justify invading Iraq. It was all about oil and nothing more.

Remember, Americans have a habit to feed, which is their need of 25% of the energy of the world for their less than 5% of the world population. They consume 5 times more than nature intended them to have. They upset the balance of the world in so many ways so they can continue to survive. Americans are brainwashed to believe they are entitled to the “American Dream”, but guess what, their not. They are entitled to 5 times less than what they have and nothing more.

I strongly believe this is the reason why America has so many enemies and I can tell you those kinds of enemies you can’t stop by spreading ideas of “American Freedom”, because “American Freedom” is really not freedom at all (we all know this), it’s really a Trojan Horse with a very damaging surprise inside. And those people that Bush refers to as having an “ideology of hate,” in many cases are people who have a very good ideology of FREEDOM, that America HATES and is doing everything to prevent from maturing.

Americans, ask yourself if you could survive on 5 times less than what you have today (your entitlement)? If you answer no, then the next time your country is attacked by nationals from a country that you leach off of, please don’t complain, since you had it coming.

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