Sunday, October 03, 2004

I don’t know if I believe this story, but since it alleges that someone tried to kill the MP making accusation about homosexuals in parliament, I’m posting it. My gut feeling tells me that this could be Hagop Hagopyan (the guy making the accusations) trying to show that he is on to something and now someone is trying to kill him before he can present his evidence, meaning that it could very well have been staged, since I would think if gunmen were trying to kill you, you would not go chasing after them.


2 Oct 04


Armenian MP Akop Akopyan's house came under an armed attack last

The MP told journalists today that the incident happened from 0100 to 0200 (0800-0900 gmt) on the night of 1-2 October. A gang of unidentified armed men burst into the house and opened fire. In reply, the MP used his personal weapon and fired at the attackers, after which they escaped.

The MP attempted to follow the attackers, but failed to find them.

After the incident, Akopyan went to the Zvartnots hotel where he learned that the attackers had arrived at the hotel before attacking his house. Threatening the hotel personnel with weapons, they inquired about the deputy's home address.

To recap, a public argument recently happened between Akop Akopyan and the deputy chairman of the faction of the Orinats Yerkir Party (Law-Governed Country Party), Mger Shakhgeldyan.

(Arminfo also said in a separate report that the police have started criminal proceedings)

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