Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The film was shown tonight on Yergir Media TV, followed by a live discussion.

As I mentioned before and as it was stated during the live broadcast, the MFA and Prosecutor’s office were busy and could not make the show.

Present were Edik and the UN’s project coordinator of the Smuggling and Trafficking Issues department, Rafayel Gyulnazaryan. The person conducting the interview when asking a question stated that Rafayel use to work for the Prosecutor’s office in their trafficking department [with those persons who are involved directly in the trafficking ring].

Anyway, I thought it was a very good interview, though it really would have been nice if government bodies were present to answer the allegations that were made instead of stonewalling this issue as they usually do.

In the next few days I’m going to try to set up some interviews with the popular stations that are viewed in the regions, as the people there are the ones who most often fall victim to trafficking and need to know what is really going on in our world so they can protect themselves.

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