Thursday, June 23, 2005

Last night I didn’t sleep until late, figuring that this morning I could sleep in since my first meeting of the day is not until 1 p.m.

Well that plan went out the window thanks to Armenia TV, which this morning had about 4 minutes coverage of our press conference. It aired all the way to Artsakh.

So at 8:50, while I was having this great dream about sunbathing on some beach, my cell phone goes off. It was Harout of ABBA, asking if I was watching Armenia TV?

Then not a minute later, another call, followed by a few more.

It seems that we got more coverage than we were expecting. Most of the stations are covering this issue.

And to think, we were told that no one would air even one second of this in fear of the government and especially the Prosecutor’s office, as I said before, the most powerful government body is Armenia. This should be an indication that people are sick of this kind of stuff and even the people running the pro-government stations were not going to ignore their loyalty to their people.

Anyway, to say the least, I’m very pleased so far with how things are going.

One of the interviews I gave, the question was asked as to if I was concerned with my personal safety, since we have only released 10% of what we have, with the balance (including the most incriminating for the Armenian authorities) to be released in the future? I answered no, as that information has been distributed all over the world for safe keeping, so if something happens to us, will not stop the inevitable. Our intention is not necessarily to release that information, but give a chance to those that caused this mess to straighten it out so broadcasting that information will not be necessary.

All I know is that the payoff to this work is just around the corner and in the next couple of weeks, things are going to move very fast and the whole country is going to be talking about this issue, which will leave not room for any stonewalling.

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