Saturday, June 25, 2005


STEPANAKERT, JUNE 23, NOYAN TAPAN. "The health condition of NKR MP candidate Pavel Manukian who was cruelly beaten in the cabinet of NKR Defence Minister Seyran Ohanian remains stable," the June 23 press release of ARF Artsakh Central Committee read. According to doctors, Manukian got a "close skull-cerebral trauma." On June 22, the victim's wife, Marine Manukian, applied to NKR Prosecutor General's Office with a demand to immediately institute a criminal case. In addition to the names of already known generals, in her application Marine Manukian also mentioned the names of A.Haroutiunian, V.Balayan, M.Hakobian.

Pavel Manukian in his interview to the Yerkir Media Yerevan TV company on the phone declared that Defence Minister Seyran Ohanian, Deputy Defence Minister Samvel Karapetian and other generals being in the Minister's cabinet were among those who beat him. In the evening of June 22 the ARF Artsakh Central Committee sent a letter to NKR President Arkadi Ghukasian demanding that the leadership of NKR Defence Ministry be dismissed. "Realizing the important problem of preservation of home political stability in the country, the ARF Artsakh Central Committee condemns the created situation and expects fair solution," the letter, in particular, read. It was mentioned that such action carried out by the commander of Defence Army permits to suppose that an atmosphere of fear and horror will be created in the country. On June 23, on the initiative of the ARF Artsakh Central Committee and Movement-88 party a number of NKR political parties made a statement condemning the act of violence. "The only and most correct way is taking of immediate measures by the President of the republic, guarantor of preservation of legality, for the purpose of maintaining calmness inside the country, preventing possible political excess, as
well as not endangering the international image of our non-recognized republic," the parties's statement, in particular, read.


I'm not sure if I fully believe this story. There are a couple of generals I know who are mentioned that I don't really think would raise a hand on anyone, though I could be wrong.

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