Thursday, June 30, 2005



US embassy public affairs officer, Kimberly Hargan officially opened today the second "American Corner" in Armenia's second largest town of Gyumri at the local branch of the Armenian Scientific-Technological Center.

American Corners are small, American-style libraries created to help increase mutual understanding between Armenia and the United States by making a wealth of information about America available in different formats.

This American Corner features a diverse collection of English language books, reference materials about the United States, computers with Internet and access to online databases, cd-roms, videos, and much more.

The Embassy provided a grant to refurbish a room for the American Corner, installed three computers, and supplied the library with over 300 books, journals and current periodicals. American Corner librarians, trained and supported by the U.S. Embassy, are always on hand to assist visitors. The Embassy is committed to growing the American Corner's collection and keeping it up to date.

The American Corner in Gyumri is open to the general public, free of charge. In addition to a being full multi-media reference resource, the American Corner will also host regular programming, including lectures and workshops, video series, and other activities focused on telling the story of the United States. In the coming years the Embassy plans to create a network of American Corners throughout Armenia.


I hear that they will be hosting a program that is titled “Your life is crap, dream about moving to America before it’s too late,” which at that time they will be taking applications for the green-card lottery.

I’m thinking we should start a program call “American ghetto.” This we could put in the other corner of the libraries (or at least have a permanent link to the “American Corner” website, right next to the United States sponsored Project Harmony pornography links, to take us to our virtual corner). We would present the reality of life in America telling stories of not just life there, but life around the world thanks to America. We should also have information on tips of how to survive as a refugee in a hostel host country.

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