Friday, June 10, 2005

I’m really exhausted. I’ve been on my feet all day and am ready to take a nice long nap.

This morning I went to Yerevan State University to look into where they were holding a conference with Turkish Member of Parliament Turhan Cheumez. According to an article in Azg, they will be discussing various issues including the genocide.

I first went to the International Law department and asked. I was given a blank face and told they didn’t know, but apparently there would be some gathering at 2pm.

I then went to the International Relations department to ask and was told that there was no such program, but the look on the head of the department had a somewhat worried look on his face and asked me as I was leaving what my name was?

I made a couple of calls and found out that the lecture/discussion would be at 2pm on the 4th floor of the International Law building.

I walked into the building 5 minutes before the program started and found my way to the 4th floor, mixing in with the students, passing the guy from the International Relations department as I entered the conference hall.

The event seemed to not have been publicized and in all, there were only 110 people in attendance, this included quite a few Turkish journalist.

It seems that Turhan Cheumez, who is a member of the Justice and Development party had come to start the process of creating friendly relations with the Armenian people.

He really didn’t say much and for the most part, didn’t answer any of the questions asked him.

For instance, someone asked him if he could please tell if his visit was official and by invitation of the Armenian government, or the university, or a personal visit? He answered that we can consider it anything we want.

When asked about the genocide, he answered that the Turks recognize that something happened and many Armenians perished, but that is history and we must look to the future.

When the event organizers asked why the Armenian media was not properly informed to this event, I don’t think we even got an answer then.

Though really nothing was said at this event, I find it interesting what the event organizers thought they would accomplish? I also want to know why I was straight out lied to when I asked about the event?

It seems that Turhan Cheumez’s next stop was to visit with members of Parliament. I wonder how they will receive him?

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