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"Armenia is a source country from where women and girls are trafficked mainly to the Arabian Emirates and Turkey with the aim of sexual exploitation", said US State secretary chief advisor, head of the Human Trafficking Combat and Monitoring office, Ambassador John Miller during today's interactive TV-press conference organized by the US Embassy to Armenia.

According to Mr. Miller, the basis of the office report were the calculations of the UN according to which in the Arabian Emirates and Turkey there are about 1000 Armenian prostitutes. The majority of them are victims of trafficking.

By the way, According to the calculations of the Armenian Investigating Journalists Association President Edik Baghdasaryan, in the Arabian Emirates and Turkey there are not 1000 but about 5000 Armenian prostitutes [I think this number of closer to 7,000]. Mr. Miller was greatly surprised by the facts and demanded proof on what was said.

According to the report of the US State secretary chief advisor, the problem of trafficking is so serious in Armenia that is has been included in the special control list, "The RA Government did not represent sufficient proof that the efforts directed to the combat against trafficking have been enhanced. The Government has
not carries out investigation of the Prosecution which was accused of supporting the traffickers. The Prosecution bodies have supported those organizing trafficking, and the border-guards, taking bribes, have secured the free transportation abroad."

Stating that the RA Government does not fully correspond to the criteria combating trafficking, Mr. Miller mentioned that in our country the punishments for this kind of deeds are too mild. Besides accusations, John Miller was not able to represent names of victims of trafficking or clear-cut cases, but he tried to explain the difference between those who take up prostitution on their own initiative and the victims of trafficking.

Try as he did, we did not manage to find out the proportion of the trafficking victims in the number of one thousand prostitutes. In the end we asked Mr. Miller how much money was spent by the office to prepare the report without any facts and full of accusations. "Hundreds of thousands. 8 people worked on the report", answered Mr. Miller.

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