Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I just got home from the premier and press conference for the documentary “Desert Nights”, which is the first of a series that documents the phenomenon of trafficking of women and children (not just Armenian) to the UAE.

The event was well attended by the press, NGOs that deal with trafficking, but sadly, no one from the government as far as I could see attended (as always).

After the film, Edik spoke and did a great job of answering the audience’s questions, including that of what various government and social organizations are not doing to address this problem.

Edik and I gave quite a few interviews. One of my interviews was given to Teletime, which from what I remember is aired in the US, so for those of you who are out in that part of the world, watch for it.

Tonight at 9 p.m. Yergir Media will be airing the documentary and then a live discussion will follow it which was suppose to be Edik, someone from the UN, MFA and Prosecutors office. Sadly, the MFA and Prosecutors office has declined the invitation, most probably because they don’t have answers for the question that will be asked of them.

The documentary clearly states that the Prosecutor’s office has gone to the UAE to look into this matter over a period of time and have taken bribes from the traffickers, doing almost nothing to combat this problem.

Someone stated that the Prosecutor’s office is the most powerful government body and there is no one higher then them, thus in this case, the fox is really guarding the henhouse.

It will be interesting the reaction from the general public and also what fallout we may get from the authorities? I’m not expecting really anything negative or any criticism from anyone other than maybe the Prosecutor’s office.

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