Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It appears that the May 25, 2005 hetq.am article titled “Dubai is Hell on Earth” has caused the prosecutor’s office to take action and put on trial Aisha, one of the most vicious Armenian pimps.

Edik had withheld the article about her when hetq.am published the trafficking articles since he understood that Aisha was to return to settle her debts with the prosecutor’s. The idea was to publicize her return and force the authorities to take action against her. So far it has worked.

The trial will start on June 20th to which once again the Armenian justice system will be put through the test. The big question remains if she will be charged article 132, for trafficking and can win her a long stay in jail, or will the prosecutor’s office apply article 262, which is used for pimping and will allow her to only serve a couple months before she is eligible to get out and return to what she has been doing (which we have seen happen over the last few years)?

I guess if Armenia is serious about preventing trafficking and wants to get off of the States Department’s tier 2 watch list, (which is one level above the worst countries) they are going to have to get act together and this time make an example of Aisha.

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