Monday, October 31, 2005

Echmiadzin Ano’s brother is on trial for trafficking

The death of the notorious pimp Echmiadzin Ano last month in the UAE, has had a ripple down effect and another trafficking trial is in progress. This time it’s Ano’s brother on trial for trafficking.

This is not the first time that Ano’s brother has been in trouble with the law. When we were in Dubai, we learned Ano’s brother was in trouble with sending girls to Dubai and she arranged to have him released by sending “bail money” to legal bodies in Armenia.

This time Ano’s brother is on his own. His trial is taking place in Echmiadzin, where he is charged with trafficking of human beings under Article 132 of the Armenian Criminal Code.

There has been no coverage in the press as far as I know of his trial, but we are following things closely to see if Ano’s brother will be joining former police officer Alik Gasparyan, who earlier this month was handed down a five year six month sentence for trafficking under 132.

Is the law for punishing traffickers starting to work in Armenia? If it really is, we are going to be seeing quite a few trials take place and a large number of people behind bars.

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