Thursday, October 06, 2005

MB's Most Wanted #001: Alexander Sargsyan

Martuni or Bust's APB/Most Wanted
Profile No. 001: Alexander Sargsyan

Born on January 10, 1956 in Stepanakert, Republic of Mountainous Kharabagh.

Graduated from A. Tamanyan Yerevan Civil Engineering College in 1987. He is a gas economic-technician. From 1974-1976 he served in the Soviet Army. From 1996-1998 he was the deputy director of Yerevan Sirius OJSC. From 1999-2003 he was the head of Avtogas Ltd. Jrvezh Automobile Gas Filling Pressure Station #7.

On May 25, 2003 he was elected to the NA from the proportional list of the Republican Party of Armenia and he is currently on the NA Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture and Youth Affairs. He is a member of the Republican Party of Armenia Faction and has no political party affiliation.

Mr. Sargsyan is Armenia’s Defense Minster, Serzh Sarkisyan’s, brother and is married with two children.

What’s interesting about Mr. Alexander Sargsyan is that he has spent millions of dollars on purchasing real estate in Britain and California. Newspaper reports indicate that the value of real property acquired by him in Los Angeles has now surpassed 12 million USD, placing his estimated total net worth at over $30 million USD.

MB issued out this most wanted all point bulletin to ask one simple question, “Mr. Alexander Sargsyan, how did you really acquire all this money?”

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