Saturday, October 15, 2005

First Impressions of Santa Barbara

We really enjoyed Santa Barbara. It was a very welcome change of atmosphere from L.A. My wife really liked the very friendly artisans who line the sidewalk that runs along the ocean selling their handcrafts.

When we made our way to Santa Barbara pier on August 28, 2005, I snapped this picture at 1:08 PM.

This is one of those pictures that tells a recent story about America and also gives to those that have an ounce of common sense and are willing to take some sound advice.

Santa Barbara also had a few Jeffery’s (see: "First Impressions of L.A.") hanging out on benches down their main street, one of them who was doing some very strange things, including intimidating (threaten) people who walk past him. One of those people was my wife, who was in her tourist mode and video taping everything that moved, including this less then stable individual who happened to pass her path.

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