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15:07:50 05-10-2005 Politics

Today during the reception in the Armenian Center for National and International Studies in connection with the 11th anniversary of the Center the RA ex Foreign Minister Raffi Hovannisian who has never had a strictly oppositional attitude made a speech about the present political state in the country.

The leader of the Heritage party criticized severely the authorities "which have privatized the foreign policy and the economy of the country and are not even able to make simply political calculations". "The authorities who tell tales on democracy abroad evict the people of their houses inside their own country in order to build houses for the so-called elite".

Raffi Hovannisian also reminded those present about the Mass Media field where after banning "A1+" and Noyyan Tapan of air the television has been privatized too filling it with programs testifying to the lack of taste of their makers.

"There can be no void in the nature, and if there is no democracy, usurpation comes to take its place", announced Raffi Hovannisian and noted that Armenia which has become a totalitarian country has lost its place in the international community. "Our voice is no more heard in the world", he announced and reminded that the first step to euro integration was made the very first year of independence, when he himself as the first RA Foreign Minister made the step. And today, according to him, Armenia is moving farther and farther of Europe.

As for the economy of the country, Raffi Hovhannisyan noted that both in rich America and in poor Armenia petrol costs 80cents. And in Armenia the sums taken from the people are used by several families.

Referring to the Constitutional reforms, Raffi Hovannisian noted that they were made under the CoE pressure, but it is not possible "to cover cracked up walls with Euro repairing". The only way out of the situation created, according to Raffi Hovanissian, is unity not only inside Armenia but also that between Armenia and the Diaspora.

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