Friday, February 03, 2006


YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 3, NOYAN TAPAN. 30 criminal cases on facts of trafficking were instituted in Armenian in 2005. As Marsel Matevosian, Deputy Head of the RA Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office, informed at the February 3 conference that the number of such crimes is increasing year after year. Thus, there were 20 criminal cases examined by the investigation bodies in 2003, 35 in 2004, whereas there were 40 criminal cases in 2005 as a result of resumption of cases suspended and quashed before.

M.Matevosian mentioned, that according to the cases examined in 2005, the number of victims of trafficking, that underwent sexual exploitation made 182 persons. As a result of trafficking 36 of them suffered from sexual exploitation in Armenia, 136 in United Arab Emirates, 10 in Turkey. It was also mentioned that 172 of them were citizens of the Republic of Armenia, 3 of Russian Federation, 4 of Ukraine and 3 of Uzbekistan.

According to Artak Haroutiunian, Chief of the Chair of the Scientific-Research Center of the RA Prosecutor General's Office, different manifestations of trafficking are observed in different regions. Cases of prostitution or sexual exploitation are spread in the Muslim countries, and cases of men obligatory work are spread in the European countries. A.Haroutiunian mentioned that the peculiarities of the trafficking manifestation typical to the Eastern countries are typical to Armenia.

It was also mentioned that a 2006-2008 program of measures of struggle against trafficking at the level of the CIS countries was made up, within the framework of which an agreement will be signed in the future.

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