Thursday, February 23, 2006

KCET Not to Air "The Armenian Genocide" Documentary

Armenian News Network / Groong
February 23, 2006


As the controversy unfolds over the decision by PBS to air a panel discussion which gives Armenian Genocide deniers equal air time immediately after it airs Andrew Goldberg's new documentary "The Armenian Genocide" on April 17 2006, over 11,000 people have now petitioned PBS to cancel the offensive panel discussion.

Since individual PBS stations ultimately choose the programs which they wish to air, we contacted KCET to inquire if they planned to broadcast the panel discussion after the documentary in Los Angeles. We discovered that KCET is not planning to broadcast the new documentary at all. "Although we will not be airing Andrew Goldberg's "Armenian Genocide," we have aired Mr. Goldberg's documentaries in the past and will certainly consider others in the future" wrote the KCET web correspondent.

"In January we began to explore programming that would be appropriate to air in this special time period. We are always proactive about searching out unique series and specials that reflect the interests of our diverse audiences and that pay tribute to important heritage celebrations" wrote the web correspondent.

KCET will be airing two Armenian-related documentaries in April 2006. Hagop Goudsouzian's "My Son Shall Be Armenian" (2004) and Laurence Jourdan's "Le Géenocide Arménien" (2005). The latter's broadcast will be its American television premiere.

Asked why KCET would not be airing Andrew Goldberg's documentary, the web correspondent replied "we feel that the programs we have chosen are of the highest quality and offer both Armenian and non-Armenian viewers thoughtful and compelling stories about this important culture and its history."

Contacted in New York, Emmy award winning director Andrew Goldberg wrote "I was saddened to hear KCET was not running our PBS show, "The Armenian Genocide". But in my experience, schedules at stations are often changed to accommodate varying circumstances and I am hopeful they will reconsider."

The production of two documentaries in two languages in 2005 about the Armenian Genocide is a clear indication of rising international interest in exposing the circumstances of this tragedy to wide audiences and putting an end to denial and historical revision. There is no reason for KCET, operating in the largest American Armenian market in the U.S., not to broadcast both brand new documentaries about the Armenian Genocide to an audience which has seen neither. We recommend that readers contact KCET and urge the station to add the Two Cats production of Andrew Goldberg's documentary "The Armenian Genocide" to its April broadcast schedule.

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