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Today at about 02:20 p.m. on the Aleq Manoukyan street, near the central building of the Yerevan State University a car tried to run over lawyer Marina Janoyan.

The car pulled up abruptly and a 30-year-old tall and stout man came out. He approached Mrs. Janoyan and said with a bad Armenian, "Why do you compromise us? You'd better live quietly. Think about your life".

According to Mrs. Janoyan, those who warn her are representatives of the power structures, and the reason was the press conference she convened on February 9.

Let us remind you that the reason for the press conference was the murder of professor Joshua Hagland of the Yerevan State Linguistic University after V.
Brusov on May 17, 2004. Although almost two years have passed since then, the criminals have not been found. The Yerevan Prosecutor's Office has stopped the case.

During the press conference Mr. Janoyan hinted that the case was stopped with the order of high military officials. She represented a 10-point offer to the Prosecutor's Office asking to re-open the case.

As for the act of terror, Mr. Janoyan managed to memorize that the car was silver and its number started with "64". "Despite everything, I will not give up", Mrs. Janoyan told "A1+".

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