Wednesday, February 22, 2006

American PBS: Soapbox for Armenian Genocide Deniers

Jewish Holocaust denier David Irving was sentenced to three-years in prison Monday by an Austrian court for denying the Holocaust in two 1989 speeches.

Just imagine if courts of world pasted similar jail time to Armenian genocide deniers. No such luck. Our people’s nightmare gets a sugar coating.

As I've noted on my February 18th journal entry, American PBS will soon air a documentary film titled "The Armenian Genocide", which will sadly facilitate a post-film discussion-panel. Will this be just another a proverbial soapbox transmit for Armenian genocide deniers? Probably. Personally speaking, I’m against such discussions and have zero tolerance for such “intellectually coated” shenanigans. There’s nothing rational or intellectually stimulating about discussing such a horrific historical fact on public television with a bunch of back-room dealing academics and so called historical experts.

It's Time to Take M.O.B. ACTION!

*Please sign the online petition and forward it to as many people as possible. More than 10,000 people have already signed it.

*Send e-mails to Jacoba Atlas at urging her not to provide air time to genocide deniers.

* Since the individual PBS stations are the ones that decide whether to air the panel discussion or not, contact your local PBS station and urge them not to broadcast the post-show. To find your local PBS station, go to, enter your zip code and click next. When you see the logo of your local station, click next again. This would give you the phone/fax numbers as well as mail and e-mail addresses of your local station.

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