Saturday, March 08, 2003

Happy Woman Day everyone!!!

The Sylva Beauty Salon opening was a smashing success and a great gift to present to the women of Marutni!!!

The opening was well attended and everyone was happy that Martuni finally has a real beauty salon.

I had called the television station in Stepanagert and invited them to send a camera crew and guess what? They showed up with two reporters to interview me for the news and also a program they are putting together to show what new investments have been made in Artsakh.

I wish I had the energy to tell you more, but I�m just about ready to pass out, so the pictures will just have to suffice and tell the story of what happened today.

Oh Mama Manoogian, the women of Martuni send you their thanks for providing them with such a wonderful salon and want to know when you going to come to have a full beauty makeover?

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