Monday, March 17, 2003

March is known as a crazy month and I can see why. Yesterday it was warm and the sun was out and today, it was snowing. This kind of weather makes it difficult to plan anything.

Today I took the puppies to be vaccinated and on the way to Stepanagert, they seemed very uncomfortable and vomited all over the floor in my car.

In Askeran, I got a package of napkins and a bottle of Jermuk, which I used to clean up the car and puppies a bit, who by this that time had climbed all over each other after stepping in the vomit. Yuk!!!

Well they got their shots, which they didn�t care for too much and then hanged out with me for most of the day, while I ran around with my engineer and machinist, as we finished putting together a stone polishing machine and planed tomorrows work.

I finished and drove back to Martuni and on the way, when nature called, I pulled over and took the puppies out of the car, who by this time were now use to driving around in my car and were asleep when I had pulled over.

It was very cute when the puppies watched as I relieved myself and caught on that they too should do the same. The smarter of the two looked up at me and after I encouraged her to do her business, she did, which the other saw what was going on and joined in.

I got to Martuni and I have to tell you that though it�s always great to open my door and make my way to my nice warm room, the mud that wet weather brings is really not fun at all.

One thing is for sure, we will only have another month of this kind of weather and then things will get really nice.

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