Wednesday, March 12, 2003

What a great piece of work the television station put together about the Sylva Beauty Salon!!!

I was fortunate to be at the Mayor�s house when it aired and we were able to record it on video. I�ve watched it 5 times already and I think I can watch it another 50 times, it�s so good (I hope I don�t sound like I�m bragging, but the story they give, gives one a warm fuzzy feeling).

It�s not the same piece they ran yesterday, but if I spoke as well on what they aired yesterday as they did today, then the lesson of being a good communicator has been learned and until seeing myself on video, I was not aware how well I can articulate myself in a way that the natives can understand everything I say.

Yesterdays piece got business hopping today to the point that we had to turn people away to come later. Well today�s 5 minutes piece of very valuable advertising should cause a flood of people to storm our salon tomorrow and besides cutting hair, my manager should be pulling out her hair, trying to figure out how to manage things so everyone is taken care of.

On top of this, we have now had dozens of requests from men who want to have their hair cut at our salon and as they put it, it is worth paying 150% more for a haircut at a woman�s salon, as they also want to look good. So from that, we decided we will also cut men�s hair.

Well, as far as I can figure, the Sylva Beauty Salon is going to do very well for itself and the women working there who were out of work for quite some time will now be able to provide a real income for their families (3 more real jobs created and another warm fuzzy feeling for everyone!!!).

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