Thursday, March 06, 2003

What the heck is the picture you may be asking yourself? Well this is one of the most exciting things that was created in Artsakh in the last 24 hours.

Yes, computer hell is officially over and what you are looking at is my Artsakh made power supply!!!

It�s made of a bunch of what American�s would consider junk. A few capacitors, bridge rectifier, voltage regulator and zeener, heat sync, a military grade soviet made transformer that I think was recently taken out of the intercom system that the President and Prime Minister use to use to communicate (since they seem to have no need for it anymore) and a bunch of screws and imagination.

We tested its load capacity and even with a load of 2 amps, it maintains 15.39 volts, meaning that with everything on my computer running, it�s virtually unaffected.

This power supply is the alternative to a $125 to $150 Japanese made factory power supply (Mama Manoogian had to do that one time) that would have taken at least a month to get delivered to Artsakh.

All I can say is that if this act of resourcefulness is any indication of what our future is, the only direction we can go is up!!!

On another note, the beauty salon is almost done and our grand opening will be March 8th, which is Woman�s Day.

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