Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Internet hell and more along the line of computer hell is going strong. My power supply died and this time, the electrical engineer could not fix it. I have a friend in Stepanagert that is putting together for me a new power supply. So if you e-mailed me or our wondering why I hav not logged, now you know. As soon as I get my computer back up, I�ll answer all that wrote.

As for the K & D debate, it was pathetic. Not just was Demirchian very bad, but Kocharian was in some way very unprofessional.

One thing I will say is that in the end of the debate, Kocharian began to demand that Demirchian give him names of people who he had removed from a government job and not punished. Demichian said he would provide him a list the next day.

One thing I will give to Demirchian�s credit was that he did not answer question that he had no knowledge of. What I�m talking about is they asked him about the economic condition of the country and for him to answer, he would have to be the President to give an honest answer.

In my opinion, that debate was a waste if valuable airtime.

Oh Lena, I taped the debate and will get you a copy. And when I get my computer back up, I'll also log on my forum what I thought of the debate.

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