Friday, March 07, 2003

This Tigran Naghdalian murder case is really bothering me and not the black and white part of it (Tigran Naghdalian being killed and by who), but all the underlying details that could be intentionally ignored or covered up.

It seems that 5 of the suspects are from Martuni and one from Hadrut.

I saw the news tonight and all they are saying is that the suspects have been detained and there are more who are in hiding, but are being sought.

As for the underlying details I think will maybe be ignored or covered up are about the weapon and where it came from and also the legal system if it worked as it should, would have had at least one of the suspects and his father sitting in jail log ago?

The weapon came from the bank in Martuni. One of the suspects had stolen the weapon during the war.

At some point (I can�t remember when), the suspect had the weapon confiscated from him by the police and it was register as being confiscated and in the custody of the police.

Then at some point, the chief of police secretly gave it back to the suspect.

I really think this little detail will be overlooked and the chief will pay some big bribe to someone to make sure this happens and he retains his job or retires and in both cases does not face any charges.

If you are scratching your head wondering what to make of all this, then your not alone, as I�ve been doing this for the whole day and from my thinking about this, I�ve got a splitting headache.

I guess if what I think will happen, happens, I�m going to have to make sure that this log falls in the hands of journalists and a huge stink is made about it.

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