Thursday, March 13, 2003

If any of our readers happen to be in London during the week of March 17th, you may want to attended a series of events that will be discussing the Karabagh conflict.

It would probably be best to just sit and listen, as I get the feeling that this going to be a �search and gather information and see reactions� event.

I say this as one of the main speakers is none other than Azerbaijan�s propagandists and revisionist, Dr. Brenda Shaffer.

I had the opportunity to attend one of Brenda�s early lectures back in 1999 which was held at Hebrew University in Israel. Her lecture was called �Azerbaijan and its Neighbors�.

For her, the Karabagh conflict started on �Black January�, which is when Russian troops moved in and put a stop to the Azeri ethnic cleansing of the Armenian population of Baku. Of course for Brenda, talking about what took place before �Black January� was not relevant, as her goal is to get Azerbaijan recognition of being the victim of the conflict.

During that 1999 lecture, Brenda was not at all comfortable that I had brought with me a video camera and asked that I did not video tape her. I respected her wishes and instead, kept the camera in my lap and recorded the audio. Until now, I have not had time to sit down and prepare a transcript, but if I do one day, I�ll be sure to post it on my forum.

Her lecture was very one sided and during the questions and answers portion, she concluded that we should not let history guide us, as history has only hindered Israel from ascertaining what we need today, which is peace.

Her idea of resolving the Karabagh conflict was that we should allow everyone to go back to their homes and get along. Sounds simple to me, but I think we should let Israel do that first and if we see it works, then maybe we can consider doing the same thing. Oh, I guess right after that lecture, Israel did try that and well, we saw where that got them.

Anyway, if your in London at that time, please do attend and take with you a video camera or tape recorder, as I would be interested to see in the last 4 years of Brenda�s song and dance has changed at all?


The Caspian Studies Program [Harvard University] will participate in a
series of events in London next week. Please see event listings below
for details. All events are free and open to public.


The Vatan Society, working in partnership with the London School of
Economics Hayek Society and the Eurasian International Development
Association, presents a series of events covering various issues affecting
Azerbaijan and the wider Caspian region.

Karabagh Conflict: Public Discussion
17 March 2003
Committee Room 3
House of Lords, London SW1A
Speakers: Dr. Brenda Shaffer, Director, Caspian Studies Program, Harvard
University; David Barchard, author and journalist; Murad Gassanly, Chair,
Vatan Society
Email for more information

Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan: Eurasian Energy Corridor
in partnership with LSE Hayek Society
18 March 2003
Old Theatre
LSE, Houghton Street, London, WC2A
Speakers: Thomas Goltz, Oil Odyssey; Dr. Brenda Shaffer, Director, Caspian
Studies Program, Harvard University; Barry Halton, Regional Affaires
Director, BP/BTC; Caner Toksoz, Legal Councillor, BOTAS
Email for more information

Borders and Brethren: Iran and the Challenge of Azerbaijani Identity
by Brenda Shaffer, MIT Press, November 2002
This new book by Brenda Shaffer explores various issues concerning modern
Azerbaijani identity, both in Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan,
reflecting on ethnic politics in the region. Special presentation of the
publication and opportunity to meet the author.
21 March 2003
Economist's Bookshop (within LSE campus)
Clare Market, Portugal Street
London WC2A
The presentation will be followed by the event below at LSE at 18.00pm
Email for more information

Azerbaijan Movement: New Challenge in Iranian Politics
in partnership with the World Azerbaijani Congress
21 March 2003
Room D302
LSE, Clement House, Aldwych, WC2A
Speakers: Dr. Brenda Shaffer, Director, Caspian Studies Program, Harvard
University; Sharokh Mazhari, Official Representative, World Azerbaijani
Congress (UK)
Email for more information

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