Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Sorry for not logging for the last few days, but I�ve been out of town on business and just got home.

I wont even get into what I�ve been doing for the last few days, as it�s very boring stuff, and unless your in the stone business, it would not even make sense to you.

The weather is the same (unpredictable). Will this be another long wet season, which ends in June? I hope not, but if it is, so be it.

The war in Iraq is something I�ve been following and just want to say that all the dead Iraqi�s they have shown on television here have not been in military uniforms. Does this mean that the Iraqi army is really poor, or are most of the casualties civilians? The one I found interesting was the guy that surrendered to the invading force (the US) and asked were the aid was, as he had hungry children at home.

One thing I learned today about America�s great fighter aircraft, particularly the type which is �stealth� is that it seems that it�s not all that stealth and that radars can be modified to a different frequency to detect them. I only learned this after hearing talk of aircraft being downed in Iraq and talking to this about with an engineer here, who said that Russia already has such technology to trace and down such aircraft. Well all I can say is that I hope this war ends soon and not too many people loose their lives in the process.

Anyway, I really glad to be home and now that the woodstove is burning and my room is nice and warm, I'm off to take a nice long HOT shower.

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