Thursday, March 06, 2003

Welcome to the logs Haig.

I was wondering when they were going to finally announce the arrests? The people here in Martuni have been waiting to hear the news that many got on the 3rd and in my case last night (since I was busy in Stepanagert and out of the Martuni information circle for a few days).

It seems that a couple of our local boys were arrested on the 3rd or 4th in connection with the Tigran Naghdarlian assassination. What the details are, I don�t know yet and if it was the starting point of the arrests and those arrests lead to other arrests, that too I don�t know.

I guess without all the facts, we can�t really say that this is a diversionary move to draw attention away from election fraud. I would think that it could in fact be turned around and add to Kocharian�s problems, being that the people that are maybe tied to Tigran�s assassination are from Artsakh and with the suspicion of Kocharian�s being behind the October 27th assassination that Tigran was possibly going to provide incriminating evidence, someone from Artsakh might have been called in to shut him up.

Anyway, I don�t know what to say but will say that Haig is right about them waiting to announce arrests a couple days after the fact (though even in the states, that�s not uncommon if they have not arrested everyone). The timing is just a little strange.

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