Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hovannnisian's National Unification Gathering

Fellow Citizens of Armenia:

Heritage party leader Raffi Hovannisian announced and called on all the citizens of Armenia to civil protest, i.e. national unification by gathering in Opera Freedom Square on November 25th - 3.00 PM to participate in the initiative of national unity.

Raffi Hovannisian, who served from 1992-1993 as Armenian foreign minister, endorsed the opposition's call for a boycott of the November 27th referendum and urged voters to resort to civil protest if the outcome is falsified.

Raffi Hovannisian, using harsher rhetoric than ever before, described the Armenian leadership as "a regime that supports thieves, murderers, and corrupt individuals."

"It is really pathetic that the ruling clique, which has turned illegalities into a way of life and is enriching itself by unlimited plunder, is pretending to be a custodian of the constitution and law said the popular opposition politician. "By refusing to participate in the forthcoming political show we choose not to give them public amnesty through this false vote," he said.

Raffi Hovannisian dismissed their amendments as "cosmetic." Even the proposed abolition of the constitutional ban on dual citizenship was denounced by him as an attempt to "extend illegalities to the Armenian Diaspora."

Raffi Hovannisian's Heritage party is a member of a coalition of about two dozen opposition groups jointly campaigning against Kocharian's constitutional reform.

JOIN Heritaga initiative in Opera Freedom Square – Yerevan, Armenia on Friday, November 25th - 3.00 PM

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