Monday, November 28, 2005

Suit Against The Attorney General

| 19:56:34 | 27-11-2005 | Politics |

The opposition is going to apply to court in connection with the violations. According to the RA Law on Referendum and the Electoral Code, there are two factors affecting the results of the referendum - the agitation and the realization phases.

"Everyone, including the European structures pay attention to the realization of the referendum. The Constitutional amendments referendum was already forged in the agitation phase", Coordinator of the Center Ruben Torosyan finds.

According to Mr. Torosyan, this referendum differs from all the previous elections by the fact that the courts do not accept applications about the idleness of the CEC.

According to Mr. Torosyan, another violation is that the Referendum Central Committee has not established the agitation order. Ruben Torosyan is convinced that the agitation process has significant influence on the results of the referendum. As for the participation of the Attorney General in the process, Mr. Torosyan said, "The Attorney General warns the people that if they do not participate in
the referendum, they will be punished according to the 9th part of the 14th article of the RA Law on Referendum. But when we look it up in the law we see that the article has been amended twice two years ago."

The Opposition is going to apply to court according to the 309th article of the Criminal Code.

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