Thursday, March 18, 2004

A few months ago, I had the engine replaced in my car with a engine that took us over a month to find, since all the engines we looked at had signs of a potential problem of them burning oil.

At one point, I gave up hope that we would find a engine and agreed to have my engine rebuilt, which was followed my mechanic Vova calling me the next day to tell me he found an engine that was in almost new condition and did not burn oil.

Vova put in the new engine and when I drove it the first time, I noticed excess smoke coming out of the exhaust. I pointed this out and also pointed out that my transmission was not working as it use to and asked if they had changed it also?

I was told that the smoke would pass in time and the transmission was working differently because the new engine had more power. I was not sure what to think at this point, as next to my old engine was a Mercedes transmission that looked like it could fit on my engine.

I went to my Stepanagert mechanic Arnold, when I returned from Yerevan and was given the news that this new engine was burning oil.

We called Vova in Yerevan, who also happens to be from the village of Jardar (Martuni region) and is somehow related to Mavrik Ghoulkasyan, the NKR Prosecutor General, informing him of our discovery.

He told me the next time I come to Yerevan, to stop in and he will make adjustments to rid me of the problem.

After 3 visits to Vova did not rid me of the oil burning problem, so when I came to Yerevan 10 days ago, I brought with me Lavrent, my newest Godson, the person that now drives my dump truck and also someone who has taken it on himself to make sure that people who trick me in technical matters, such as things related to my motor vehicles, understand that they will correct their mistakes.

Lavrent and I went to see Vova the day we arrived. Vova told us that he was swamped with work and he will contact me in the next week to give me a solid date as to when Lavrent can come and he would change with Lavrent present any parts that are worn and causing the engine to burn oil.

I sent Lavrent back to Stepanagert the next day and called Vova 4 days later to see when he will start the work so I can tell Lavrent when to come back? He said he would call me the next day.

The next day passed and my trying to call Vova was just not working. His cell phone would ring and then I’d call again and it was unreachable, meaning he was out or range or turned it off. Calling his home was no use, as the phone would just ring and at one point a message came on that it was disconnected.

I called Lavrent to tell him what was going on and my having no luck in contacting Vova. He said not to worry, he would come on Tuesday and we would drop in to see Vova, if need be at his home, which I kind of knew were it was from conversations I had had with Vova.

On Tuesday night, we drove to Vova’s neighborhood and by asking, located his house. He was not home, but his wife was quite helpful and told us when he would be coming home.

We waited and at midnight, Vova pulls up to his house to see my car parked in his driveway. We greeted him and got him to agree to start the work today.

I know Lavrent and know that he will make sure that the engine is properly repaired and also my transmission is reinstalled on my car, since the transmission that is on it now knocks when it changes gears.

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