Thursday, March 04, 2004

What a great country I live in!!!

Today I went to Stepanagert with the Mayor of Martuni to meet with a the Minister of
Culture about a dilapidated building in the center of Martuni that I plan on demolishing and building a retail complex.

The meeting went well and the minister agreed to what we would like to build. He said that whatever the Mayor and I find to be appropriate, he will support.

Then we went off to the main traffic police headquarters, where the Mayor had license plate to turn in for a vehicle which no long works that belongs to the city.

While I was there, I asked my good friend, the chief of licenses (automobile and drivers) how he can help me with my problem of not having a license and the harassment I get in Armenia?

He told me to go to the polyclinic to have a full physical and take with me one photograph. He added that as soon as I get a clean bill of health, he will contact a driving school to issue a paper to say that I have completed driving school and then he can issue me a license.

I went and got my picture taken and then off to the polyclinic, where I went to see the director about what I needed to do to complete the exam?

The director told me that it will take about 15 minutes and sent me off with a worker, who took me to register, where I paid 4,000 dram and then off to see the doctors.

The first doctor we saw was the Neurologist. She asked me if I had any complaints? I said no and she signed the report. She asked me if I ever watch movies and said that I look like an actor she has seen. I asked her me? She said “no, me” and began to laugh. I think the Neurologist just may have neurological problems.

Then we went off to the bone and internal organ specialist, who didn’t even ask me anything and just signed the paper.

Next was the Optometrist, who was not in and I was told we needed to come back at 1 PM.

Then off to see some other doctor, who was not in today, so some other doctor signed the paper for her.

The woman asked me if I could come back at 1 PM, which I agreed to.

After running around with the Mayor a bit and having lunch, I returned to the polyclinic to finish my “exam”.

I went up to the woman’s office that was taking me around and she handed me the completed report, which had a signature from the ears, noise and throat doctor and from the Optometrist.

I completed my medical exam for a drivers license and didn’t even have anyone ask me to drop my pants…darn!!! And the whole thing took less than 15 minutes.

Tomorrow I’ll be dropping off the report to the traffic police headquarters. It wont surprise me if I don’t walk out of there with a license a few minutes later.

I really don’t understand where all this talk about red-tape, bribes and corruption is from? I sure don’t see it. Artsakh, what a great place to live!!!!

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