Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I’m back in Martuni. What great weather we are having. It was 30c yesterday. I really wanted to go out with shorts on, but didn’t.

My car got all fixed up in Yerevan, though it took 2 days longer than I was expecting. Not a big deal and I’m glad it’s taken care of.

Thanks to the weather, it looks like we will be starting demolition and then construction of a new building for our salon, offices and rental space. I’m suppose to be entering into the property agreement in the next day or so and as soon as the papers are signed, we will start work. My general manager tells me that if all goes as planned, we will finish construction in 3 months. I’ll be happy if it’s ready by the end of the year.

As always, I can expect fires to be burning when I return home and as expected, my dog has once again been snacking on the neighbors chickens. This has to stop and now that we have discovered how she gets out of the yard, it should not be too difficult to put an end to this problem.

There has once again been talk of why I have gone to Yerevan. Again it’s the same subject of me having been married and also about the Americans coming and beating me up. Small town, big imagination. I love this place.

News from the lake is that due to the weather change, the fish are playing and there are reports that we have Sazan (a type of Carp) which are the size of Dolphins. I saw one myself last year, but now it seems there are quite a few. This is a direct result of not allowing land mines to be blown up to catch fish. I am looking forward to the summer heat and swimming with the “Dolphins”.

I’m now back to working on my book, which due to the lack of winter and my traditional hibernation period, I really didn’t get much done. It’s very hard work and though there are many fond memories from the past, I really don’t have a super desire to revisit them now. I guess one reason is that I literally have thousands of type written pages of journals that will take me years to sift through. At this point other than the early years, it’s going to be a random pick of stuff, since it’s all good stuff and it’s too much for a book.

I had always envisioned this book or more so my journals, for my reading pleasure when I am 90 years old and have much time on my hands. On the other hand, I get the feeling at the rate I’m going, when I’m 90, I’ll be even busier than I am now, have thousands of more pages added, so maybe this is a good time to do this work and get this part of my life out of the way. I wonder if there is a better way to keep things organized in the future so it will be easier to compile? Maybe one of our children we can birth for the sole purpose of working on this book? I don’t know and the whole idea of a book just makes me tired.

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