Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I’m back in Yerevan. More meetings, more leads to follow and a strange but expected reaction from the government to the latest investigation. I can’t tell you right now what I’m investigating, but can just say that in the course of our investigation, the government has learned as to what were up to and they are taking drastic measures to remedy the problems and cover up their involvement.

The weather today is great!!! When I came a couple of days ago, it was sunny and I was in shorts. Yesterday was rain for most of the day. Crazy weather. I’m going to risk it today and put on shorts, but keep a pair of pants in the car just in case it cools down.

It seems that there is a great deal of tension in the air here in Armenia, with the opposition having meetings to protest the Kocharian government. They are not calling for revolution, but for a change in government. Sorry to say this, but their idea is to get into a position of power and not reconcile with the past. Their idea is the problems started after October 27th, 1999 and not back in 1990. Until we face our past and reconcile, we can’t move forward. Until the opposition recognizes this, they are no better than the present day government and for that reason, I hope that their efforts fail (which I think they will).

One thing good that can come from these meetings is that maybe Kocharian will understand that the way he is running the country is wrong and he needs to implement social and economic changes that will benefit the greater population, but by doing this, will be economic suicide for him and his friends and for that reason, I don’t believe he can take the necessary steps we need today.

Were living in a very challenging time.

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