Thursday, March 11, 2004

Last night I was driving down Broshan Steet (aka Grill Street) and as I was passing the Golden Fork resturant, my friend warned me of a guy that was running across the street with a kebab in his hand!!! I veered right and came to a sudden stop, as did the guy with the kebab.

I hate Yerevan at night. During the non-tourist season, many of the streetlights are not turned on and the natives wear BLACK, which means that they are hard to spot as they J-walk.

Thank goodness that a friend was with me and saw what I didn’t see, or else there would have been a kebab stuck to my windshield.

This close call reminds me of an incident that a friend of mine told me a couple of weeks ago about an automobile hitting a pedestrian crossing the street on Gomidas and killing him.

He said that it was about 2 years ago when the accident happened and said that the guy that hit and killed the pedestrian was a well know host from a popular television show called The Bernard Show.

He said after the accident happened, the actor was not on the show the next day and they figured since killing someone with an automobile is a criminal offence even if someone jumps out in front of your car, he was going to jail.

A couple of days later, the host was back to work and nothing more was said about the accident, as if it never happened.

The person who witnessed the accident added that if you have money, then you can hit as many people as you want and not even sit in jail.

I know this to be true as in Artsakh a similar situation happened when the Prosecutor General’s son hit and killed a little girl crossing the street near the military hospital in Stepanagert a number of years back and he didn’t even sit an hour in jail. The whole case was dropped and I’m sure the family was compensated for their loss.

Armenia, what a wonderful country!!!

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