Thursday, March 11, 2004


March weather seems to always be crazy and this year was no exception. A few days ago I found myself in the Masis region on a somewhat warm day.

I went to a village and noticed that there was a lake on the side of the road that had not been there a couple days before. As I drove on, I noticed houses surrounded by water.

At one point, the road was covered in water. I as not sure how deep it was, so I waited a bit until a minivan came along and crossed. I followed the same path he did.

It seems that due to the warm weather, the snow on the mountains melted and overloaded the canals and flooded the fields, roads and gardens.

Yes, March weather is very unpredictable. Last night it started to rain and when I talked to someone in Stepanagert, they told me that it is snowing.

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