Friday, March 26, 2004

What are the dangers of revolution in Armenia today?

This is a very serious question that people are talking about more and more.

In Armenia as the weather starts to heat up, it seems that people will take to the streets to protest against the President and his government.

People are in fear of Azerbaijan taking advantage of instability and starting the war again.

People fear that there are no good leaders better than Kocharian to replace him.

Though everyone seems to have legitimate concerns, much of these fears are unrealistic and for the speculation of war breaking out, this seems to be more of a bluff that the pro present day government people are passing around to try to scare people from starting a revolution.

The reality is that war will not break out as long as Kocharian does not try to use the army to prevent civil unrest and leaves the army to do what it is intended to do, protect our boarders.

War can only break out if Russia and the West allows it to and at this point, a war would further prevent economic gains for Russia and the West, so there is a very good chance that such a conflict right now will not happen.

Why I’m bring this up now is that for over a month, this has been the topic of discussion every place I go and it always ends in people better understanding that even if we do have a revolution and if Kocharian and the people in power are truly Armenian, then there will be no devastating effect to national security.

The big question remains. Is Kocharian really Armenian and is he thinking of what is best for this country or if he is thinking about staying in power at all costs and if there is revolution, will Kocharian and Sarkissian deploy the army?

One thing that comes to mind is the presidential and parliament elections and how Kocharian and Sarkissian used the army for getting votes. They also used army personal, police and national security persons from Artsakh, dressed in Armenian police uniforms who were deployed to Armenia, to do what they had to in the even of civil unrest. Those that were taken over which from what I remember was in the neighborhood of 4,000 people, where first asked if they had a problem in doing what they had to do to Armenians?

Also I remember that in the village of Khachig, that during the parliament elections, they took so many conscripts to vote for Sarkissian and HIS people, that the Azeri’s were able to capture and hold a strategic hill.

In short, Kocharian and Sarkissian have shown that they are ready to do what they have to, to stay in power and for that reason, I’m not sure if they will in this case use the army to protect their interests.

I will say this for sure, if they do deploy the army, there is a good chance that it will backfire on them and in the end, they will have to flee the country to stay alive. Of course if you know Armenians, that period of time will only be temporary until someone catches up with them.

One thing that Sarkissian has recently said is that anyone that tries anything will be punished according to the law. I guess what he does not seem to want to understand is that during a revolution, the law does not apply and in some cases depending on how things end, the law becomes null and void and things start once again from square one.

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