Thursday, March 04, 2004

Wonder who this guy is talking on Armenian television? Get a good look at him. I’ll give you a hint. He is talking about all the money spent on projects that Krikorian supported and how his governmental department has worked for three months checking to make sure things were in order.

If your still wondering who this is, his name is Vahram Parseghyan and I wrote about him and his misappropriating money back in 1999 from the Diaspora in the name of an injured soldier who needed to have immediate surgery, but the person whose name he used, was a close friend of mine and that person didn’t have the need that Vahram was claiming. I can’t say that he has done anything other than that, but from what others tell me, he has. Makes one also wonder how well he checked Krikorian’s projects?

Vahram is now Kocharyan’s Controller and leads the same department that I filed a claim with back in 1999. I guess their investigation of him revealed that he had enough dirt and was willing to play along with the rest of the people indulging in the feast of embezzling funds, that they hired him to be the big fat fox with a tape-worm in the henhouse, who can’t satisfy his and Kocharyan’s appetite for what should be used to secure the future of our nation.

Yes, the whole thing makes perfect sense to me and should make us better understand who Kocharyan is and in which direction he will take this country if we let him. These are the things that spark revolutions my friends and if things continue the way they have been, you may just see things in Armenia implode soon.

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