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Azat Artsakh--16 December, 2003 Tuesday—ECHO

Answer to Open Letter to NKR President, Re: When a Citizen’s Rights are Ignored

In answer to the article entitled “When a citizen’s rights are ignored”, published in your newspaper on 25 November 2003, we are declaring that the evidence cited in the letter does not coincide with the truth and that the dissatisfaction of the letter-writer is unfounded.

In the authorized priority registry of citizens who need improved residential conditions, are included 451 families, of which number:

Families of martyred freedom fighters - 147
Disabled veterans of Artsakh war - 113
Families of HM War martyrs - 7
Disabled veterans of HM War - 12
Participants in HM War - 12
Participants in Afghan War - 8
Participants in Chernobyl - 2
Single mothers - 35
Disabled workers - 7
Mothers with twin children - 30
Mothers with multiple children - 39
Sickly citizens - 39

And in the general registry until now are numbered 1112 families. We consider it essential to note that in the City Hall, living quarters are allocated to families in the order of priority indicated in the registry, without any “prior promises.”

The family of the letter-writer, Larisa Hayrapetyan, was registered in 1980, in the authorized registery of families with twin children. Of the family unit, 10 people, who are registered in the Freedom Fighters 9a/20 2-room apartment, 5 are living, of which the daughter-in-law, is not registered. Larisa Hayrapetyan and her husband are living in the village of Krasni, and the other two daughters and the grandchild are living with their grandmother, in a 1.5 story, 3-room, 40 sq.m., private house, at 33 B. Sevak, where only the grandmother is registered as living.

L. Hayrapetyan and her daughters have applied numerous times re: securing living quarters, orally and in writing; they have always received’’ exhaustive answers and clarifications that in City Hall living quarters are distributed according to the registry, in the order of priority indicated.

With regard to the justification in the letter regarding the submission of documents to City Hall about registering or changing the order of priority of the husband, Ignat Tovmasyan, as a disabled veteran of the Artsakh war, it has been explained to them many times that no such request has been received in City hall, and that in the case of such desire, City Hall is ready to change their rank to the registry of veterans disabled in the Artsakh War.

With regard to distribution of apartments in the recently vacated 7 Mashtots 50-unit building, we mention that said distribution has been done without any procedural violation, to families of martyrs and disabled veterans of the Artsakh war; and 5 apartments were allocated to the NKR Defense Army; moreover, together with this, without ignoring the right of the L. Hayrapetyan family’s rights, per the lawful boundaries. Finally, we state that no unit in the 7 Mashtots building has been given to any family included in the registry.

We declare that there are other families like the L. Hayrapetyan family on the authorized priority registry of families authorized for improved living conditions, and even families who are living in rented quarters or semi-basement or basement flats and were accepted into the registry in earlier times (than the Hayrapetyans). We suggest that L. Hayrapetyan not lose hope, simply frustrated by useless efforts, not to resort to any fruitless means, not to believe in promises and “having long-term evidence of a series of authorizations, to desire securing living quarters in a lawful manner.”

H. Avanesyan


Well it seems that the letter written to the President was not answered by the President, but by the Mayor of Stepanagert.

As you can see in his answer, he claims that only houses were given to “families of martyrs and disabled veterans of the Artsakh war”, yet we know from our visit that in fact the President’s cook Aghasi or maybe it was Aghasi’s wife, the mother of multiple children received apartment #9 in the Projects.

There is also the issue of the apartment directly below Aghasi’s, which the assitant director of Artsakh Bank received, this the largest unit in the building. This person who received it has 2 children and a present income of 180,000 dram a month with an increase to 300,000 dram a month following the new year. In addition to this, though maybe not relevant, his father is the former Minister of Education and the present rector of Artsakh State University. Now if this guy was really in need of an apartment is a question I have to ask the Mayor.

I guess this whole thing will soon come to a head since I am now back in Artsakh after a very long drive back from Yerevan last night and plan on dropping in to see the Mayor this up coming week.

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