Monday, December 29, 2003

I was reading Groong and the story of “KOCHARIAN WILL SPEAK OF HIS SUCCESSOR ON PRESIDENTIAL POST CLOSER TO NEXT ELECTION”, hit me like a ton of bricks.

To think that in our “democracy”, the president will hand pick his successor.

The article reads:


- December 27, 2003 14:47

Closer to the next election I will speak in more detail about my successor on the presidential post, Armenian President Robert Kocharian said in an interview with "Golos Armenii" newspaper.
Answering the question on preparing a worthy successor, ad exemplum of Boris Yeltsin, R. Kocharian noted that Russian statehood traditions differ from the Armenian ones. The issue of a successor in the Armenian performance should sound differently, he said.

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Then I came across the story of “Armenian leader vows to foil “specific” attempts to destabilize situation”, which appeared in Golos Armenii, Yerevan, in Russian 27 Dec 03 p 3.

The source material for the PanARMENIAN.Net story reads as follows:

“Marina Ananyan, philologist Mr President, are you going to prepare a worthy successor to the post of president, just the same way, as Yeltsin did?

Kocharyan People always compare me with Yeltsin in their questions. But Russia is different from us. I shall tell you the details closer to the next elections.”

To come up with a story from the above that leaves the impression that Kocharian is going to announce his successor before the elections I think is a little bit irresponsible on the part of PanARMENIAN.Net.

I will also say that it would have been wise of Kocharian to give some other answer to the question that didn’t leave the reader guessing what he would tell closer to the election. Maybe he should have said that Armenia is a democratic country and it is not up to him to choose a successor, but for the people to elect who they feel would best manage their country.

The story and the answer as they read in English (maybe something was lost in the translations) really does give one an uneasy feeling and for this, you have to wonder what Kocharian’s and PanARMENIAN.Net’s motives are.

Notice that in the PanARMENIAN.Net story, there are no quotation marks where Kocharian is said to make this bold statement.

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