Thursday, November 20, 2003

Armenian Opposition: US is unhappy about close Russian-Armenian ties

15:16 2003-11-18

Washington is extremely unhappy about the improving relations between Armenia and Russia. This was announced in an interview with Rosbalt by Armenian MP Victor Dallakian when speaking about the US' reaction to closer contact between Moscow and Yerevan.

According to Mr Dallakian, this was reflected in the decision by the Armenian Defense Ministry to start clearing mines located near the border with Azerbaijan. 'The official reason for this is to help the local population by providing more land for agriculture. This is not the real reason. In truth, it is the US which has demanded that the mines be cleared as they want to deploy their troops in the border region,' Mr Dallakian said. He added that the US also put pressure on Yerevan by demanding that Armenia close its nuclear power station. In his opinion, the US will continue to exert pressure on Armenia due to the country's foreign policy.

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It looks like US foreign policy and Armenian national security are not compatible. For that reason, if this story is accurate, then I think we need to really start implementing ways to cut ties that make us dependent on the US so they have less leverage on dictating to us what we have to do.

And instead of taking out land mines between Azerbaijan and us, I say plant more of them. I think it's time once again for Serg Sarkisian to read The Turks and Us and start acting like a defense minister and not a puppet of the US.

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