Saturday, November 22, 2003

It looks like a change in government is taking place in Georgia and I don’t want to speculate, but depending on how it ends, Armenia will follow. It’s great to see 40 to 50 thousand people without guns trying to make a change and assert their wishes. I hope their successful. As Raffi commented on how it would be great if Armenia did the same as Georgia, he may just have his wish soon.

Today I had my winter wood delivered and as soon as it arrived and it was being unloaded, the neighborhood children asked if I needed help to stack the wood (Gor’s oldest brother Yervant made the offer and lead the others). I accepted their offer and within 20 minutes, the truck was unloaded and stacked.

As we were working on the wood, Jeff Ryan called down to me to report that Vartan the cat had caught a mouse. Vartan is no longer a bal of fur, but had proven himself and is defiantly worth keeping.

After the wood stacking, the people who brought the wood got to work on picking pomegranates and persimmons from my yard. I rid myself of about 300 kilos and only another 500 kilos to go. Any takers?

I was talking to some from Stepanagert today and he told me that they have been informed that all government connected agencies will be “donating” money to the All-Armenian Fund. Like I’ve reported last year, those that refuse to sign a paper to agree to the deduction from their paycheck, they will have someone sign for them. On the news tonight, they reported and showed staff from a school (I think they said school), were making donations and talking about how much they understand how important it is for us all to work together and give. I’m not sure how sincere the persons being interviewed were, but what they were saying does not reflect the opinion of everyone I’ve spoken to, which is we don’t trust the All-Armenian Fund with out money and would never willing give to them.

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