Sunday, November 30, 2003

Tonight was beer batter onion ring night.

There really was nothing to make tonight for dinner, at least anything I was interested in eating and Jeff Ryan, the director of the NK Arts Nungi ceramics project said that he wanted to make beer batter onion rings.

He went off to the corner market and returned with a few beers and began to whip up some batter. I didn’t realize how simple the batter was to make and how tasty this Americanized dish was?

I guess the secret behind the batter has to be Gold Meal All-Purpose Enriched Bleached Presifted Flour. This is the flour that is sent over from America to Armenia as aid, but somehow ends up in the stores and 2.26kg (5lbs.) sells for a bargain 500 dram (less than $1). I don’t think you can get it in America that cheap on sale. Only disadvantage to making your purchase here is the New Children’s Cookbook Offer that sells for $2,50, would cost you a small fortune to have shipped over here.

So Jeff fried up onion rings and peppers and I have to tell you that it’s been over 3 years since my last visit to the states for onion rings and I now know what I’ve been depriving myself of. They were great!!! I could just sit around and eat them until my blood clots!!!

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