Friday, November 21, 2003

As the sun was going down yesterday, the wall in my front yard was completed and I set my dog loose.

As a rule, when there is any kind of construction going on at my house, I make it a point to be home and make sure that the work is done without any mistakes. Though for the most part things went smooth, the wall would have been completed an hour sooner if on the last arch they were making did they not miss-measure where the arch was to be. Center to center of each arch is 230 centimeters and for some reason on the last one it was only 220. I noticed and before the cement was dry, I made them take it down and redo that part of the wall.

In 3 days they built 40 meters of wall and 5 arches, using about 1,000 building bricks, 500 kilos of cement and 2 tons of sand and gravel. The labor cost was 37,500 dram, cement cost 20,000 dram, sand and gravel about 5,000 dram and bricks 50,000 dram. Total cost 112,500 (about $200).

Before winter sets in, I have a couple of walls that need to be built at the stone factory so I can secure the manufacturing area and lock it up for the winter. That work will start on Monday and should take a couple of days to do.

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