Saturday, November 29, 2003

Fin culture lands in Maine (USA) and is televised in Nagorno-Karabagh.

Today Jeff Ryan and I were watching satellite TV from Dubai and one of the programs which was in English was a wife carrying contest. The winner who could carry their wife over a 270 meter obstacle course in the shortest time, won his wife’s weight in coins (today’s winner won $650) and also in beer (6 cases). Jeff commented on how it takes a real balance to find the right wife as you want a big fat wife so you get lots of beer, but if she is too fat, you can’t carry her.

Following this program, they had a show with Santa Claus and some talking bricks. It was not in English, so I’m not sure if this was Muslims mocking old Saint Nick, or if this is some indication of the station catering to it’s Christian viewers?

I guess I’m really bored and besides doing laundry, cleaning house, playing with Vartan the cat and watching TV, there really is not much to do.

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