Thursday, November 27, 2003

Not much going on right now. Just getting ready for winter and enjoying some fantastic weather. I’m not going to say it’s short pants weather, but close.

The work in my front yard will conclude today (they didn’t work yesterday). Four days of cleaning, moving soil and cement work. I have to say the place is looking really good.

Today is Thanksgiving and being that Jeff Ryan is an American, I’m going to go try to find us a turkey, or a very large chicken so we can have some kind of feast and be thankful for whatever one is suppose to be thankful for on this day.

The pictures of the day were taken in Nungi by Jeff. Jeff said that he was standing outside and this little boy came walking down the street dragging a wolfs head. Though a little freaked out (Jeff’s words), he asked the boy to wait and went home to get his camera. When he returned, a crowd gathered and everyone wanted their picture taken with the head.

It seems this wolf didn’t have a chance any way you look at it.

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