Sunday, November 30, 2003

Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Telethon 2003 Update

I had reported on the 28th that $4,538.790 of the money pledged came from 31 major donors. There were 2 donors that did make my list and those were Gerard Gafesdjian, $500K and Ara Abrahamian, $200K. This means that $5,238,790 came from 33 major donors. This also means that only $833,767 of the $6,072,557 was possibly donated from 1 million+ Armenians found in the United States.

This is very sad for a telethon that was organized with the primary aim of soliciting funds from the financially best off Armenians found in America on their day of thanks. If that’s not a vote of confidence to the Armenia Fund, I don’t know what is. I know Armenian-Americans (being one of them myself) and if they really thought their donations were going to go where they were intended, they would give until it hurts.

“Around 55,000 Karabakhis partook in the fund raising”, said Karabakhi leader Arkady Ghukasian. More like 54,998 Karabakhis were forced to partake in the fund raising, having their unwilling donation automatically deducted from their already meager salary that undoubtedly will end up in the pockets of some corrupt officials. From the results of the telethon, the 99% of Diaspora Armenians that didn’t partake understood this. What a joke.

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