Sunday, November 23, 2003

Today is Sunday and as I had prearranged earlier this week, Hagop Bedrosian’s snake handlers showed up at 9 AM. This has so far been a major cleaning which included the removal of almost a ton of cement that got wet last winter and has been preventing me from parking my jeep in my garage (which is where it is now).

As you can see, the yard is somewhat over grown (thus the need for snake handlers) and the trees are in much need of a trimming. One Apricot tree will be removed since it’s dead.

Among the foliage in my yard, we discovered a walnut tree sapling. One of my workers figures it must have come from a walnut that a crow dropped while flying over my yard last year, since I sure didn’t plant it. We decided not to pull it out, as it’s in a good spot and when it grows, it will provide shade and maybe even walnuts.

As the workers were cleaning, I had to lock my dog up in the basement and then later tied her up on the balcony as she has become quite aggressive towards strangers and no longer hesitates to attack anyone that enters her territory.

Vartan the cat left the house for a walk when she was in the basement and upon his return, he spotted the dog and tried his best to make his way back into the house undetected.

Fortunately for Vartan, he is fast and like a bolt of lighten, Vartan shot up the stairs before I could get a picture of him making his entrance and before the dog could react in anyway.

It looks like the work will be completed tomorrow.

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